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Touch For Health Kinesiology 1-4


Condensed Applied Kinesiology modules for Physical Therapists, Trainers and Athletes (4 levels - 15 hours/each)

The Touch For Health Kinesiology series has touched millions of people world-wide and is taught in over 60 countries. This is a practical and simple guide to natural health using acu-pressure touch and massage of reflex points to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension. It's easy and fun to learn.

By learning Touch For Health Kinesiology, even a seasoned practitioner will discover a collection of invaluable assessment and treatments tools to complement their existing expertise, which can be easily integrated into established protocols. Tools designed to identify and address priorities, and activate each client’s innate capacity for structural alignment, emotional balance and sustained health. This methodology also includes subtle levels of being and the ability to identify functional disturbance well before manifestations of pathology arise.  This is truly a preventative model.  

Learn to restore and 'balance' body energies using spinal reflexes, acupressure, light touch, meridian tracing and muscle corrections. Through hands-on practice you'll train to assess and fine-tune 42 muscles and 14 primary meridians for postural alignment and muscle integration. The course integrates Chinese Medical Philosophy with muscle monitoring for meridian and muscle assessment and related Applied Kinesiology corrections, including spinal vertebrae reflexes, neuro-lymphatic massage, origin/insertion, neuro-vascular touch, golgi tendon & spindle cell proprioceptor techniques.

Touch For Health Kinesiology:

  • Promotes structural alignment, flexibility and improved posture
  • Accelerates recovery from injury and illness
  • Reduces pain & tension
  • Boosts vitality, transforms stress and balances immune response
  • Increases coordination, strength and endurance

This workshop series is well suited for:

  • Health Care Professionals - to expand the services they provide
  • Athletes - to deepen self awareness, boost performance and expedite recovery
  • Trainers - to expand assessment and monitoring of their client's needs and progress 

Course Outlines:

As approved by the International Kinesiology College, Zurich, Switzerland

Touch for Health 1

Touch for Health 2

Touch for Health 3

Touch for Health 4