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Cornerstones to Health Workshops

Are you performing below your capacity? Book yourself or your organization into the Cornerstones Series for an abundance of far-reaching health and renewal advantages!

The Cornerstones to Health Workshops provide you with the concepts and the hands-on tools for proactive self-care. The series included five entry-level programs that together provide a broad foundation for immediate and long-term health benefits. Offered in one-day formats that can be customized for your organization or Pro-D needs.

Book a Cornerstones to Health Workshop for your community or organization.

Cornerstones to Wellness
Explore the latest discoveries for longevity and peak performance

Fasting and Cleansing
The ancient science of Spring Cleansing and on-going detoxification

Brain/Body Integration
Release physical, mental, and emotional stress

Hands-On Acupressure Tune-up
Meridian balance to increase energy and decrease pain

Practitioner Series Kinesiology Training