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Brain Body Integration

Movement for Optimum Effectiveness

The latest in the neuroscience of brain optimization, employing the study of movement to draw out the natural learning that resides within each of us. Simple, powerful movement activities to increase and strengthen your brain/body integration, your ability to learn and your ability to understand, to organize and to express yourself. Proven to have a significant impact upon ease of learning, physical coordination, athletic endeavours, expressive arts and overall wellness.

This is a hands-on training where participants share playful, safe, and easy movements to help enhance creativity, coordination and comprehension.

Users regularly report improved learning and creative abilities, sharper focus, greater self worth, and clarity around their goals. Its a vehicle to access powerful whole brain capabilities inherent within us all.

You'll learn:
• 12 specific movements for ease of learning
• 4 concentration sharpening tools
• 4 coordination enhancing exercises
• 4 organizational building skills
• Your own daily program design

Benefits to you:
• Identify your areas of challenge
• Transform old blocks and limitations
• Increase your effectiveness at work or school
• Dramatically lower stress, confusion & mishaps
• Unleash your creative and intellectual gifts