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Practitioner Series Kinesiology Training

Find out why many highly successful healthcare practitioners use some form of Applied Kinesiology.

Learn powerful proven tools to identify your client's priorities and compatible corrections!

These innovative, hands-on, interactive kinesiology trainings are invaluable tools for:

• Holistic medical practitioners, physical therapists, educational therapists, trainers, athletes and educators looking to expand their toolkits with specific and effective systems to help access and fine-tune their clients’ potential.

• Parents and students, wanting to access more brainpower, focus, concentration or physical co-ordination and effectiveness.

The potential benefit to taking these trainings for your practice, yourself and your family is immeasurable.

Stress Release Made Easy 
Easy and practical stress management skills using muscle checking and affirmations to identify and release stressful mindsets.

Tibetan Energy & Vitality
Learn continuous fitness, anti-aging, and accelerated healing skills.

Maximum Athletic Performance Systems (MAPS)
Boost your health and endurance levels and achieve your fitness and performance goals.

Brain Gym 101
Help yourself and your clients with simply brilliant movements and exercises to access their full capacity for whole brain learning. Enhance focus, organization, and coordination.

Touch For Health Kinesiology (TFH 1, 2, 3, 4)
Restore and 'balance' body energies using acupressure and massage.

BioCoherence Kinesiology
Learn to prioritize and release emotional challenges, reverse environmental and nutritional sensitivities, identify pathogen overgrowths and choose precise botanical, nutritional and homeopathic corrections.

Medicine Wheel Kinesiology: Advanced Practitioner Skills for Aboriginal Counsellors
A culturally-specific personal development tool to support the advance of human potential using the traditional Medicine Wheel.

Core Belief Kinesiology
Understand and change core beliefs to dramatically improve your life.

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