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Core Belief Kinesiology

Advanced Practitioner Skills Training (16 hours)

Prerequisite: Touch for Health 2

The ideas we hold about the world and ourselves make up our core beliefs, and are the single most important filters of experience. What are the deep underlying beliefs that form the foundation of your thoughts and perceptions of the world? Core beliefs are mostly unconscious and therefore, unexamined. Yet they influence almost every action you take in your life. Most of our actions today are molded by the core beliefs we took on at a young age, though our core belief structure is continuously being re-shaped by family, associates, media, authority figures, our subcultures, and daily life experiences. Considering we live in an unenlightened world, it is to be expected that we acquire discouraging programming. These beliefs may not influence the details of every daily decision, but they certainly influence the tone of these decisions and the overall directions they drive you. These beliefs are fundamental to the way you orient your life.

Changing unsupportive core beliefs can dramatically affect your scope for fulfillment. It begins with understanding the beliefs that influence your actions and changing those that dont serve you. Core Belief Kinesiology is well suited to explore our deeply held beliefs. It provides methods for inspiring client empowerment; through esteem-building on multiple levels that transforms pain and fear into action and self-fulfillment.

• The Inter-Action Model© for modeling effective communication with clients
• Self Esteem Balance using Age Recessing & PKP Five Element Emotions
• Fulfillment Balance Building Self-Esteem in 7 Life Areas
• The Empowerment Model and Principles of Manifestation
• Core Belief Balance Clearing your lifepath for long-term wellbeing and prosperity
• Establishing Client Home Reinforcement

Course Outline

An original design using Five Element Theory and based upon the work of Gail Straub and David Gershon, The Empowerment Institute, West Hurley, NY

Inter-Action Model©

Review Procedures
Five Element Theory
Alarm Points

Fulfillment Model
Self Esteem Balance
PKP Five Element Emotions
Age Recessing
Fulfillment Balance Building self-esteem on all levels

Empowerment Model
Principles of Manifestation
Core Belief Balance
Clearing your lifepath

  • Inner Soil Test
  • The Growing Edge
  • Creating Vision
  • Crafting Affirmations
  • Drawing Visualizations

More Professional Practice
Establishing Home Reinforcement
Constructing a Menu