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Tibetan Energy & Vitality

Continuous Fitness, Anti-ageing and Accelerated Healing (6 hours)

The Tibetans use many ancient traditions as part of their medical system. Among these are vitality exercises and energy systems similar to meridians, which play a key role in maintaining vibrant health.

Learn Ancient Health Secrets and Exercise
• Detect and correct energy disturbance, a high priority on the healing continuum
• Identify and clear emotional blocks
• Perform five Tibetan exercises to increase vitality and longevity
• Muscle check for clear indication of priority imbalances and appropriate corrections
• Arrest ageing, boost immune defense
• Relieve pain, and accelerate healing from trauma or wounds
• Address learning disorders, co-ordination & balance
• Revitalize your overall health and well-being
• Get fit in 3 months, with just 10 minutes a day

Course Outline

Adapted from Bruce Dewe, MD and Joan Dewe, MA, International Kinesiology Foundation, Auckland, NZ


  • Learn to detect and correct energy disturbances and emotional blocks
  • Accelerate recovery, boost immune defense, arrest ageing
  • Correct learning disorders, co-ordination and balance

The Tibetan Systems

  • Spinning Vortices
  • Figure 8 Energy Flow
  • Energy Exercises

Getting Started

  • PACE
  • Quality Muscle Checking
  • Finding emotional blocks
  • Evaluating Figure 8 Pathways
  • Correcting disturbances of the Figure 8 system


Tibetan Energy Exercises


  • Homeplay
  • Full procedure review
  • Applications and adaptations
  • Practice sessions and further training