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Stress Release Made Easy

Emotional Balancing With Affirmation Procedure (6 hours)

Easy and practical stress management skills using muscle checking and affirmations to identify and release stressful mindsets:

Learn Emotional Freedom Tools for Stress Adaptation
• Determine present stress about a situation or person, identify and balance affected meridian(s) using affirmation, temporal tapping and eye rotations
• Quality muscle check to identify key over-energy alarm points in the meridian system, and appropriate correction
• PACE to reduce associated stress levels and for general well-being
• Learn ways to develop further long-term stress reduction strategies.

Course Outline

Adapted from Bruce Dewe, MD and Joan Dewe, MA, International Kinesiology Foundation, Auckland, NZ


  • Increase tolerance
  • Renew depleted resources
  • Develop new skills for managing stress

Understanding the physiology and stages of stress

  1. Alarm phase
  2. Adaptation phase
  3. Exhaustion phase

Warning Signs

  • Emotional
  • Behavioural
  • Physical

Meeting Change and Challenge

  • Choosing good stress
  • Developing contentment
  • Recognizing stress habits and behaviours
  • Ways to regain control

New tools

  • Emotional Stress Release and Creative
  • Visualization
  • Muscle Checking
  • Alarm Point
  • Affirmations
  • Eye rotations
  • Temporal tapping


  • Homeplay
  • Review full procedure
  • Applications and adaptations
  • Practice sessions and further training