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Working with wholistic health-changing tools and strategies, Garry has spent over 30 years assisting clients to meet emotional, mental, and physical challenges and promote healthy, functional, vital lives.  Garry has notably contributed to the legacy of these proven assessment and therapeutic models for over 20 years through college curriculums, public workshops and organizational facilitations.

Whether wanting to maximize athletic, academic or personal performance or relieve suffering from stress, fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, food cravings, allergies, high blood pressure or weight issues, there are specific and effective health management strategies available to help.  After three to six months of Health and Lifeskills Coaching, clients consistently report measurable energy and performance improvement, restored resilience, significant alleviation of chronic symptoms and rediscovered passion for life.

Even seasoned health care professionals who have completed practitioner trainings with Garry have discovered invaluable assessment and treatment tools to complement their existing expertise that are easily integrated into established protocols. 

For more information on individual Health and Lifeskills Coaching, training for health care professional or organizational facilitation, click on the appropriate links below: