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HealthTrak Seminars

Get on track to Organizational Wellness with HealthTrakSeminars

HealthTrak Seminars are introductory presentations that can be tailored to your organization's needs. Offered in 90 minute to three hour formats, they are designed to enhance workplace awareness and provide tools to improve self-care, morale and productivity.

Book a HealthTrak Seminar for your:

• Breakfast or Luncheon events


• In-Service or ProD Days

• Conference keynotes and workshops

Who are the HealthTrak Seminars for?

Far-sighted companies, large or small, committed to improving their work environment and their corporate responsibility to employee health and wellness.

What are some HealthTrak Seminar benefits?

Healthy employees miss less work, make fewer mistakes, and are generally more enthusiastic. They tend to be more effective on the job and collaborative. A team of healthy minds and bodies innovate and cross-pollinate. Increased creativity and motivation means increased productivity. Everyone benefits.

How do we get started?

HealthTrak Seminars are flexible in design and implementation, and adaptable to your particular needs and budget. An introductory 90 minutes presentation will give you and your staff many ideas from which you can take action. Alternatively, you may schedule a half-day or full-day Healthtrak Seminar or implement a full Health & Wellness workshop series for your employees who are ready to get hands-on with health.

Cornerstones to Health Workshops are day-long hands-on foundational training designed to generate long term personal and organizational benefits.

For organizations dedicated to comprehensive preventative program development, you can enlist a Vital Health Consultant to facilitate a planning session with your organization to help establish clear wellness program training goals and concrete steps for implementing them.

Sample HealthTrak Seminar topics include:

Botanical Solutions for Everyday Ills:

Top ten traditional remedies to reboot your verve

Food, Mood and Diet:

Navigating the nutrition maze to develop your own strategy 

Movement for Maximizing Learning & Creativity:

BrainBody integration tools for enhanced resourcefulness, focus and coodination

Hands-On Acupressure Tune-up:

Self help acupressure to increase energy and decrease pain

Savvy Health Insurance with Superfoods and Supplements:

Premium fuels to protect and rejuvenate yourself naturally

10 Cornerstones to Building and Sustaining Excellent Health:
A full-day hands-on training ideal for a retreat setting, this workshop provides a plethora of practical solutions to the 'hurry’ sickness of our culture, delivered with humour, foresight and inspiration. Ongoing wellness strategies developed during this day-long workshop may include:

• Preventive health screening and proactive interventions

• Setting personal intentions and goals, with outcome evaluations

• Launching lunchtime walking groups and exercise programs

• Establishing workplace wellness libraries and resource centres

• Creating wellness incentive programs