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One-on-One Health and Life Skills Coaching

runner Why choose Wellness?

Whether you are a top athlete wanting to enhance your performance, a frenzied soccer mom scrambling to juggle the myriad demands of your day, or a corporate executive looking for better stress managment and personal performance results than your regular workout routine provides, personal coaching for self renewal can provide the advantage you need.

56% of the causes of chronic disease are related to lifestyle activities that can be significantly reversed with a daily wellness focus and practice.

60 to 80% of doctor visits are for physical symptoms of emotional distress that can be appreciably alleviated with a wellness focus and practice .

Why you might engage in regular wellness strategies:

  • Improve overall personal health & performance,
  • Increase physical and mental stamina,
  • Strengthen stress resilience, and
  • Enhance general outlook on life.

Wellness practices help achieve significant and long-term personal financial savings, employer savings through reduced sick leave, and government savings through lower utilization of health care services. Combine professional coaching with a thorough foundation wellness program to fully realize your potential for lifelong vitality and minimize your life's potential high-cost healthcare burden.