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Coaching and Self-Renewal Strategies Foster Results

Every committed athlete looking to excel is backed by an expert coach with an incrementally program of strength and foundation building, balanced with equally important recovery time, and nourished by optimal nutrition and adequate sleep. Recover is as important as the training. Without a base and incremental training, break down is inevitable. Without adequate recovery time, nutrition and sleep, break down is inevitable.  

In our harried culture we often push ourselves to achieve more or we are pushed at work to accomplish more and then we push to get in some badly needed play time. The consequence of a harried lifestyle is unmanageable oxidative stress loads, accelerated aging, high cortisol, sleep disorders and inflammatory diseases. Reversing this trend requires commitment, awareness and assistance. Like a dedicated athlete that works, rests and eats in deliberate measures while under the supervision of one who has been there before, to be successful and experience sustained, appreciable health gains amid the harried life, self-renewal and personalized coaching can be crucial to the process.  

Foundation coaching programs provide insights into your particular needs, priority areas of focus and an incremental, balanced course of action. You'll receive a detailed healthy living program, tailored to you, together with ways to measure your progress. Between sessions you'll receive support to stay focused and on track, get answers to your questions, and individualized tips to fine-tune your wellness journey. Periodic 'Tune-ups' are key to prevention and ongoing refinement of your wellness foundation.

Would you benefit from expanding your 'wellness’ habits?  Consider getting support to help maximize your unique capacity for optimal health, functionality, and vitality. Garry’s 30 years of client experience as a student of Chinese Medicine, Master Herbalist and Wellness Coach have provided a dynamic understanding of both the univeral foundations of health and the unique variables that distinguish each person's particular challenges. Would you like to ensure a sound foundation and longterm vibrant health? Your daily energy levels and your aging process can be significantly arrested or accelerated through understanding the impact of:

• Intimate relationships and immediate human interactions

• Moment-by-moment thoughts and actions

• Posture, movement, exercise and sleep

• Quality and intake of your daily water, air, nourishment, and sunlight

• Personal hygiene, skin care products, clothing and cleaning supplies

• Levels of accumulated environmental contaminates, damaged proteins & trans fats 

• Your passion for living life fully, or absence thereof. 


To help slow down the aging clock and reverse degenerative processes, on-going support may include:

• Body/mind rejuvenation exercises

• Inquiry and turn-arounds for habitual, derailing thoughts and behaviours 

• Dietary fine-tuning to boost performance and energy

• Food and environmental sensitivity identification to alleviate immune system overload

• Essential nutrition supplementation, prioritized to ensure optimal health

• Cleansing, lymphatic drainage and detoxification to increase vitality and reduce dis-ease

• Acupressure and self-care tools for meridian enhancement and sustained immune function

• Education on daily restorative choices that will arrest, rather than accelerate, the aging process.