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'Tune-ups' Are Preventative Gold

A sign in my dentists office reads:

If you are not preventing disease, you are preventing health.

On-going ‘tune-up’ sessions are an important preventative strategy. The benefits are cumulative and help to strengthen the body/mind foundation.  As your health and performance issues evolve, the wellness strategies require refinement. 

Each personalized wellness plan combines effective renewal strategies with performance building. These practices help prevent depleting your resources while building resilience and functionality. They help you maintain healthy blood glucose levels, blood fat profiles, immune response and hormone levels amid the every changing environment and demands of life.

Each program also include periodic Electro-Dermal screening for ground matrix regulation through identification and prioritizing of remedies and nourishment protocols to establish clear cellular communication pathways and deeper cycles of restoration. 

If you’re looking for effective results and on-going coaching that will give you lasting performance and health results, please call or email Garry to schedule an assessment.