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Organizational Wellness Consulting

Designing and Delivering Collaborative Wellness Programs

Does your organization have a mandate to start a new wellness program or expand existing programs? Have you considered a facilitated company planning session to identify your needs and set achievable goals? By tapping into and encapsulating the collective wisdom and expertise of your organization’s key stakeholders, you will help to maximize the effectiveness of your available resources.

Vital Health can consult with you and your stakeholders to design and deliver a customized wellness program tailored to your staff’s particular work environment challenges, health needs and objectives. By improving employee health and attitudes, you can positively impact organizational resourcefulness and performance.

Consulting services include:

• Evaluating existing wellness program effectiveness

• Employee health and attitude assessments

• Designing, delivering, and evaluating both pilot and comprehensive wellness initiatives

• Periodic post-program assessments and follow-up facilitations

• Internal staff relationship and community building

HealthTrak Pro-D Seminars

Cornerstones to Health Workshops

• HealthTrak "train the trainer" workshops for HR training staff delivery

What are the outcomes?

Vital Health Consulting has experience working with corporate managers to define and implement well-functioning workplace wellness programs that are typically made up of three components:

• Promoting the connection between healthy/wellness based lifestyle and employee well-being. This includes helping employees create and then integrate their own personal development and health initiatives into their work habits. For example: early morning yoga or jog, ‘lunch and learn’ health mini-presentations, lunchtime power-walks, stretch breaks, fitness incentive programs

• Reducing the impact of negative conditions for employees within the workplace and at home

• Incorporating collaborative program design and community building activities within the organization in order to expand a wellness paradigm in the workplace. When managers and front-line staff proactively design their own wellness program, they take ownership of it.

Please contact Vital Health Consulting to discuss your specific wellness program consulting needs.