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Sustainable Strategies for Lifelong Health


Vital Health is both the mission and passion of Garry Gallagher M.H. who has devoted over 40 years to the study and application of sustainable well-being. Garry generously shares his broad experience and proven strategies for optimal health and vitality through coaching individuals, training fellow practitioners and facilitating for organizations.

A healthful life is the result of skillfulness, persistence and mentoring.  Skillfulness is the art of tuning in to subtle levels of being to discern what matters most for mind and body.  Persistence is key in responding appropriately with clear intention.  Mentoring hones intention through garnering support and seasoned expertise to bring all to fruition. Whether motivated by a professional goal or by personal suffering, collaborating with a veteran coach will provide far greater perspective and accountability than can be achieved alone. Are you thriving or surviving? Success to thrive can be substantially enhanced through the nurturing and guidance of a trusted mentor.

Health and Life Skills Coaching is a collaborative journey to support personal growth and wellbeing through sustainable self-renewal strategies. Individualized foundational programs are structured to optimize health and fulfillment in mind and body, at work and at play, and to be adaptive and responsive to the inevitability of life’s constant changes.  Comprehensive assessments are taken across a broad spectrum of influences and factors, internal and external, personal and interpersonal, to incrementally build a comprehensive foundation for lifelong wellness.

The clinical assessment and evaluation methods used integrate Applied and Educational Kinesiology with European environmental medical science and traditional Chinese medical philosophy.  These methods combine to provide causative based, foundational solutions.  Other specialized and gifted practitioners are resourced when needed. Where appropriate to assist in physiological and psychological balance, effective nutritional, botanical and homeopathic remedies from leading professional natural health product manufactures are offered.

Education is a primary mission and Vital Health provides introductory seminars and full-day hands-on trainings to organizations. Ongoing Continuing Education workshops are offered within the Practitioner Series Kinesiology curriculum which include introductory modules for the health wise through to advanced training for health care professionals.

Whether for an individual, a health care professional or the director of an organization, Garry welcomes the opportunity to support you in your pursuit of health and to the collaboration and challenge it offers.

Vital Health’s comprehensive self-renewal and wellness programs deliver long-term health solutions. Please contact Garry Gallagher, Director, to discuss a consultation.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. - Aristotle