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Foundation programs that work

Genuine healing and health-renewal is a process that occurs over time. Vital Health programs work because they:

  • assess your foundation, from toxin loads to work loads to relationship
  • identify primary challenges and clarify primary intentions
  • co-develop integration practices that support the new intentions while addressing the obstacles to renewal
  • incrementally restore and amplify innate vitality.

Distilling fundamental medical and mind/body regeneration principles with 30 years of clinic experience, Garry helps you identify priorities and implement personalized solutions to construct a framework for lifelong health and vitality. You are directly and exponentially rewarded through sustained practice and periodic refinement (see 'Tune-ups'). Garry will support you to realize ever-deepening levels of health, balance and well-being throughout this collaborative and integrated process.

Embarking on a wellness initiative is a long-term relationship of self-discovery. Coaching and self-renewal foster results. To initiate the journey, clients begin with a series of six ‘Foundation’ sessions. For some individuals, more than one Foundation series may be needed to firmly establish a sustainable and renewable state of being. For others, periodic 'Tune-ups' are both 'well-being amplifiers' and preventative gold.

The primary focus of the Foundation sessions are to address:

  • Brain Integration; focus, organization & coordination,
  • Posture and spinal alignment,
  • Meridian balance,
  • Immune function,
  • Environmental, food and pathogen sensitivities,
  • Mental and emotional equilibrium, and
  • ‘Fine-tune’ and ‘balance’ priority areas as required, using:
    • Electro Dermal Screening assessment
    • Hands-on muscle and spinal massage
    • Acupressure, Hyperton-X & Postural Stress Release
    • Emotional stress release techniques
    • Core belief and inner conflict resolution tools

The initial consultation is 90 minutes, follow-ups are 60-90 minutes and are scheduled days or weeks apart, as needed. Foundation sessions include phone and e-mail check-ins between visits, if required, as well as handouts, recommended reading, practitioner referrals and supplement discounts.

During or following each Foundation series, and based upon your specific needs and intentions, further 'Tune-ups' and support may be recommended, including other appropriate health professionals such as personal trainers, naturopaths, acupuncturists, massage and physiotherapists, hydro-therapists, chiropractors, doctors and counsellors.


Fee Schedule

Initial consultation (90 minutes): $150.00

Followup sessions:  $125.00 for 75 minutes, $50.00 for each one-half hour, thereafter

Skype consult: (30 minutes): $50.00

Please note all fees are subject to GST


Cancellation Policy

Please reschedule or cancel at least 24 business hours before your appointment. Less than 24 hours notice are billed at $50.00. No shows are billed at $100.00.