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BioCoherence Kinesiology 1-3

Essential Practitioner Skills: Physical, Mental and Emotional Corrections (16 hours)

Prerequisite: Touch For Health 2

BioCoherence Kinesiology 1: Self Esteem

Evaluate and strengthen your client's self-esteem foundation.  Learn to apply your Touch For Health Kinesiology skills to help reframe old wounds, limiting beliefs and difficult habits with awareness of confidence, competence and self-acceptance.  Help uncover the courage to take risks, meet challenges and transform dreams into action and self-fulfillment.

BioCoherence Kinesiology 2: Sensitivities, Nutrition and Pathogens
Addressing the key physical cornerstones in the foundation of health, you will learn to identify and address pathogens, nutrition, environmental sensitivities and food sensitivities and thereby reduce the obstacles to wellbeing and expand the body's capacity to heal.

BioCoherence Kinesiology 3: Emotional Diffusion

Learn to integrate deep emotional balancing into all your kinesiology work, including the identification and release of sabotaging emotions and how to prioritize from a menu the supportive tools most suited to deepen confidence and self awareness.

Course Outlines
Adapted from Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Series by Joan & Bruce Dewe, MD, Auckland, NZ and the work of Steve Ariss and Suzanne Ryder, New Method Kinesiology, Vancouver, BC

BioCoherence Kinesiology 1 ~ Self Esteem
Evaluate and balance for self esteem around key life issues (6 hours)

Touch For Health 2 Review
Esteem evaluation
Age Recess
Emotional Stress Release
Central, Governing and Thymus Balance
Alarm Points to determine Key Meridian
Thymus Tap
Home Reinforcement

BioCoherence Kinesiology 2 ~ Sensitivities, Nutrition and Pathogens 
Evaluate and balance for nutrition, food & environmental sensitivities (6 hours)

Quantum Healing
Thymus Meridian
Brain Response Check
Sensitivity Inventory
Sensitivity Checklist
Nutrition and Pathogens
Pathogen Remedy Reference
Herb/Vitamin Remedy Reference
Candida Albicans
Free Radicals
Toxic Metals
Cleansing and Detoxification
Using Herbs
Fats and Oils

BioCoherence Kinesiology 3 ~ Emotional Diffusion

Evaluate and balance for emotional issues, both past and present (4 hours)

Taking a History
Professional Balancing Procedure
Emotional Stress and Learning Dysfunctions
Common Integrative Area
Fore Brain/Back Brain
Conscious Associative Thinking
Five Element Emotions
Emotional Pattern Clearing
Action Planning