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Maximum Athletic Performance Systems

Boost health and endurance levels, achieve fitness and performance goals (8 hours)

The MAPS workshop explores the mental, physical and emotional components of peak performance, including stamina, perseverance, concentration, flexibility, hydrations, fuel, breathing, thoughts, self talk, and muscle tune-up techniques.

We develop an action plan to apply these techniques before, during and after events to increase endurance, handle the common problems of muscular pain and cramping and joint discomfort, and increase recovery rate. The end result is to feel and perform at your best, both on and off the playing field.

These tools are being used worldwide by Olympic athletes and triathletes, including medal winners. In addition to performance enhancement you can expect improved recovery time and reduced risk of injury.

• Two sport psychology techniques to overcome anxiety and to access powerful states
• Six ways to increase strength & endurance & overcome fatigue and loss of coordination
• Four ways to evaluate & tune-up the key muscles used in sports and dance
• Ten step-by-step strategies for excellence, before, during & after training or competition.

• Achieve fitness and performance goals
• Boost health and endurance levels
• Increase athletic performance and recovery time
• Reduce injury & accelerate recuperation
• Know how to develop your winning edge
Includes a 50 page MAPS manual, an invaluable reference

Course Outline

Adapted from John Maguire, Kinesiology Institute, Malibu, CA


  • Understanding key components of, and enhancement procedures for, increase performance, coordination, flexibility and vitality, while reducing pain and accelerating recovery
  • Learn to monitor performance, identify malfunction and troubleshoot before, during and after events


  • Muscle Tone
  • Hydration
  • Key muscles for endurance
  • Breathing


  • Nutrition
  • Food Guidelines
  • Sensitivities

Mental factors

  • Setting Intentions
  • Mental awarenessc

Getting started

  • PACE
  • Quality Muscle Checking

Muscle Tune Up Techniques

  • Origin Insertion
  • Neurolymphatic massage
  • Neurovascular holding points
  • Stretching

Three More Tune-up Tips

  • Gait Check
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Sustained Muscle Use

Strategies for excellence

  • Before training
  • During training
  • After training


  • Full Tune Up Procedure
  • Action Plan
  • Further training