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Cleansing and Detoxification

Effective and Easy Spring Cleanse

An interactive seminar to help you strengthen and sustain well-being, using simple, key principles of detoxification and rejuvenation through tissue cleansing. Learn the essential prerequisites to a healthy life, seldom taught in mainstream schools or colleges, but used in traditional cultures for millenniums.

Get the information you need to:
• Boost your vitality and arrest the aging process
• Protect yourself from chronic illness such as cardiovascular disease and cancer
• Clear up skin, sinus, blood and digestive problems
• Alleviate stress, mental tension, headaches, depression & insomnia
• Diminish symptoms of PMS, menopause & prostatitis
• Aid in the prevention of stroke, diabetes, arthritis & Alzheimer's

You will learn the essence of prevention: to engage the recuperative powers residing within. The potential benefit to you and your family, and long-term saving in health care costs, are enormous.

Who this workshop is for:
• Health advocates - wanting more radiant health
• Astute Investors - to protect their most precious asset, their good health